Trio HLK (UK)


Koncerto laikas: 20:30 - 23:00

Rich Harrold – Piano & Synth
Ant Law – 8 String Guitar
Rich Kass – Drums

Trio HLK is the union of three distinct, forward thinking musical personalities. A belief in the high art of improvisation and the science of rhythm brings H, L and K together. They address ambitious improvisational frameworks which often resembling contemporary classical music. Their music features dense, complex rhythms and textures, and virtuosic improvisation. Their pieces are strewn with temporal distortions, modulations, implied modulations, rhythmic tricks, and harmonic ambiguities. Whilst they reference a huge and disparate range of styles, their sound distils these styles, unifying them with a unique instrumentation and fearless approach. Audiences and critics inevitably confuse the meeting point of the composed and the improvised, an effect achieved by countless hours the band has spent practising together. The resulting music operates on a number of levels, making it accessible and cerebral.

Press quote: “..the ensemble's willingness to travel far and wide - beyond more obvious and generic accents (and also way beyond traditional concepts of the jazz trio) - marks them out as true innovators and makes Standard Time a truly remarkable album." Gramophone Magazine


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