No Square (SWZ/GER/FR)


Koncerto laikas: 21:30 - 23:50

Michael Haudenschild - piano
Mathieu Durmarque - saxophone
André Hahne - bass
Lionel Friedli - drums

When a modern jazz band calls itself “just a jazz band”, it is a bit unusual. When the band sets the goal of “just playing energetic live jazz,” this is in some ways even alarming. But when the band survives for fifteen years with such a concept, it becomes clear that behind the deliberate simplifications is something truly original and valuable.

Bassist Andre Khan founded No Square in the summer of 1994, without setting maximalist goals, without declaring high concepts, or suggesting elaborate ensemble setups. Classical jazz setting (rhythm section and saxophone) and that same “energetic live jazz”. Only the name itself hints at the rejection of traditional jazz norms and leads to certain thoughts. Filled with sophisticated polyrhythms and high driving energy, the sound of No Square captivates every listener.

Baras atsidaro 20:00 val. Kompanijoms, įsigijusioms daugiau nei 5 bilietus, rekomenduojame rezervuotis staliuką telefonu 8 684 11382. Anksčiau atėję lankytojai renkasi labiau patinkančias vietas. Jūsų bilietas - tai Jūsų sėdima vieta, stovimų vietų nėra.