Mirja Klippel & Alex Jonsson (Finland/Denmark)


Koncerto laikas: 21:30 - 23:50
Bilietai: http://bit.ly/2EhAOjT

Named “Songwriter of the Year 2016” by Danish Music Awards Folk, the singer-songwriter Mirja Klippel is a piece of Finnish nature that is starting to cut its name into the bark around Europe.

Klippel sings of love, war and longing; of blood ties and grandfathers fighting, each for their own country. Of forests, lakes and animals. She sings of nomad life and compassion – and of never completely belonging anywhere. Her lyrics are a string of intense feelings that explode when her deep, longing voice and Spanish guitar meet Alex Jønsson’s falsetto and freely phrasing electric guitar.

With music as a home and world as her backyard, Klippel has in the recent years toured in e.g. Germany, Greenland, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Switzerland. In 2014, she graduated from Sibelius Academy in Finland and The Academy of Music and Drama in Sweden, and in 2018 from Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Denmark. She plays a wide array of instruments such as piano, guitar, waldzither and frame drum.

Mirja Klippel - acoustic guitar, vocals
Alex Jonsson - electric guitar, back vocals



Baras atsidaro 20:00 val.

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