Kenneth Dahl Knudsen trio


Koncerto laikas: 21:30 - 23:50

Kenneth Dahl Knudsen - electric bass
Edgars Cirulis - piano
Matias Fischer - drums

There are always new paths to follow, and the life of a musician is a continuous journey into the unknown. Bassist Kenneth Dahl Knudsen released 4 albums as a leader, latest “Tété” in
2018. The acoustic and wooden sound of the double bass has always been a key element in the recordings. In his new trio constellation Knudsen is going in the opposite direction, with the electric bass as the core of the group and virtuosos on
each side of him, the trio explore their take on “future” music. Etno music is on its way to being non-existent as every genre intertwines. What is the ultimate mixup of musics? Rhythms from africa with harmony from europe in the feel of the Caribbean through an eastasian soundpainting atmosphere?
No one knows what music will sound like in 50 years, but this trio is heading in one direction...... forward....

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Baras atsidaro 20:00 val.
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